Yes, you can combine these boost services for high amount of joined players on your Counter-Strike 1.6 server.

For 10 days drop boost on your server, they will receive 2500 total drops with 100% guarantee.

You can buy a multiple drop boost slots for your server ip if there have free slots on home page. Example: if buy 10 drop slots, that mean for each 24 hours, your server will receive 2500 total players drops.

No. Our official payment methods are PayPal, Bank transfer, Wise and Cryptocurrency.

Sorry but we not offer our clients with test boosting period.

Yes, all master server requests and players drops are 100% real and updated on real time.

Our players are international where can play on your server on each time in the day. Most of our players join from this countries. We can't give any guarantee for low players ping or good internet connections.