What is master server boost service?

The master server boost is a paid service, which able to increase the number of players on your Counter-Strike 1.6 server. This services is based on slots, where can be visible on our Home page. If you have send money for master server boost service, you need to wait up to 12 hours. When we confirm your payment, we will add your Counter-Strike 1.6 server ip to our master servers. After that, our players can see your server ip on internet tab in game and quickly can join to your server.

How i can know which players are connected from STRONG-HOST.DE master server boost?

Unlike drops boost service here we cannot give 100% guarantee how many players will join to your Counter-Strike 1.6 server. On our Stats page, you can see live graph statistic. This graph show for last 7 days how much unique players (unique IP requests) are opened internet tab and seen all added CS 1.6 servers from our master servers. In game 30-35% of joined players from master server boost, will have prefix "STRONG" in the name for quick recognition, but other 65-70% of joined players used normal random names without "STRONG" prefix. For questions or more information about this service please visit FAQ page or send a message to administrator via Contact form.

Terms and conditions.

Prohibited acts from your boosted server:
1. Used any form of redirect players to other ip/port.
2. Try to modificate game files (GameMenu.res, MasterServers.vdf, config.cfg and etc).
3. Try to upload any .cfg, .cmd, .bat, .exe, .dll, .vbs or .jar scripts on player game.
4. Used auto server connect plugins.
5. Used any plugins for destroy player's game (like amx_pika, GameDestroyer and etc).
In case of violating any of these rules your boost will be canceled without notice!
When you pay for master server boost service you are confirm that you have read and agree the terms and conditions!

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