What is this service and what mean with "rent IPv4 address"?

By default each Counter-Strike 1.6 server have only 1 public IPv4 address. In many cases this is not good and server owner sometimes have problems. When you rent a second IPv4 address for your Counter-Strike 1.6 server from us, you can solve each problems from this points:
1. High ping - lot of players have high ping from own network.
2. Ddos attack - every day server is ddos attacked (flood/crash).
3. Ban/derank - server ip is banned or deranked from some tracker websites like gametracker.com.
4. Host change - searching for a good host and constantly changing the server ip.
5. Low players ammount - searching for method to increase number of players.
You will receive a new clean ip where players can join to your server. This public IPv4 address it will be available 24/7. Also your server will be visible on Valve master server (steam) with this IPv4 address. Rent ip address price per month is 10 euro where is included unlimited ip changes if you want and need this. Example video with deranked server from gametracker here. For questions or more information about this service please visit FAQ page or send a message to administrator via Contact form.